Professional Insulation Replacement and Installation

Thermal Insulation — Attic Insulation in Pleasant Hill, CA
All Seasons Insulation Company is a full service insulation company. We specialize in retrofitting existing homes to current insulation standards.
Attic Insulation
Because heat rises, it is most important that your attic is properly insulated. We recommend that you choose either blown in cellulose insulation (recycled newspaper) or Cotton (blue jean batting). We baffle around all vents and recessed lights. We also lay formaldehyde-free fiberglass batts in the attic if you prefer. Both the cellulose and the blue jean batts are non-toxic "green" products.
Floor Insulation
Fiberglass is used in sub-floors. We staple and use rods to secure the batts under the floors. Floor insulation is very helpful if you have hardwood and or tile flooring.
Wall Insulation
A 1” hole is drilled into the wall above and below the cross bracing in each bay. We then pump cellulose insulation into the wall under pressure to completely fill the cavities, A plug, patch, seal & primer are then applied. The patches will be ready for paint in the next day or two. Wall insulation not only improves the comfort level in your home, but also improves the sound quality. This process can only be used on existing walls. Fiberglass and blue jean cotton batts are used in additions and new construction projects.
Ceiling Inject
Do you live in a two-story house? Does it ever sound like someone is walking on your head or can you hear the television playing downstairs while you’re trying to sleep upstairs? By injecting insulation between the floor and ceiling, you can create a sound barrier that is much appreciated and effective. This process is performed much like a wall insulation.
Interior Sound Reduction
Do the pipes rattle when you turn on the water or flush the toilet? Do you share a common wall? Do you have a surround sound system in your entertainment room and want the sound to stay in that room? Interior wall insulation will make a significant difference, one you are certain to appreciate. We insulate interior walls in much the same way we do exterior walls.
Unhealthy and unsightly mold on walls, ceilings and floors is a problem for many homeowners. Insulation helps to block the moisture that causes mold.
Visquine Moisture Barrier
Many homes have moisture problems created by the excess moisture that accumulates on the ground of their sub-flooring. By installing thick, 6-millimeter visquine plastic sheeting directly on top of the soil, a moisture barrier is created which prevents the moisture from penetrating your floors and walls.
Insulation Removal
Remodels, home improvements, roof leaks, fire damage, rats and vermin infestation are some reasons for insulation removal. We have the proper machinery to do the job right.
Green Business
Owners, Mark and Fran Clark are proud to become a green certified company. They have been working with the environmentally friendly insulation product called CELLULOSE (recycled newspaper) for over 30 years. They have added another environmentally safe material to offer their clients BLUE JEAN BATTING (recycled blue jeans) which is an excellent alternative when a situation is requiring insulation in a batt form.
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